September Promotion Ideas

  • Focus on the value in frozen and refrigerated foods for creating fast, delicious, economical meals in minutes. Feature the new and innovative frozen and refrigerated products that can help busy families.
  • Provide cooking demonstrations and taste tests of frozen entrees (the ultimate in convenience), showing how they can simplify meal planning and provide tasty solutions for busy families.
  • Communicate the benefits of family mealtime together (no matter how busy schedules can get) and how frozen and refrigerated foods are great options to make that togetherness happen.
  • Create a Family Favorites display during the month of September and offer Family  Favorite recipes and meal solution ideas each week.

More Ideas!

September 6 is Labor Day

Labor Day is the perfect time to promote the “cool” aisles of the store as the ultimate “take-out” destination. Theme it: “Take the Labor out of Labor Day” and run “Take-Out” specials (pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, wings, etc.) in the days preceding the Labor Day holiday.

September is National Potato Month

With the excellent selections of potatoes in both the frozen and refrigerated aisles, a special day or weekend promoting the many potato products would be a great way for customers to see the innovation, and taste the quality, of the many convenient and economically priced frozen and refrigerated potatoes.

Notable September Celebrations!

  • National Potato Month
  • National Breakfast Month
  • National Chicken Month

September 5:  National Cheese Pizza Day
September 11:  Patriot Day
September 12:  National Chocolate Milkshake Day
September 22:  National White Chocolate Day
September 22:  
Autumn Begins
September 29:  National Coffee Day