In addition to having access to the members-only Circana Data Dashboard, powered by Unify, NFRA conducts research and state of the industry reports to provide valuable, broad-based insights on how the frozen and refrigerated food departments are positioned best for sustained growth. Check out our latest research below:

2024 Consumer Research

New Data from Atomik Research
March Frozen Food Month Survey Data: A Staple in any Climate

Through our ongoing partnership with 4media, NFRA tapped into over 2,000 consumers’ habits when shopping the frozen food aisle and preparing meals with a recent online survey for upcoming March Frozen Food Month. Top stats unveiled included:

  • More than 4 in 5 adults (83%) say that frozen food makes it easier to meal plan.
  • Nearly 2 in 3 adults (64%) say that buying frozen foods helps them combat rising costs of groceries.
  • More than 3 in 5 adults (61%) say that having frozen options on hand makes eating a nourishing breakfast easier.
  • Nearly 4 in 5 parents (79%; n=1,003) say that it is easier to be a parent when you have frozen options on hand.
  • 81% of adults say that having their favorite foods in the freezer keeps them from ordering out more often.

Explore more statistics and data collected here:

New Data from Atomik Research
ReDiscover Inspiration in the Dairy and Frozen Food Aisles

The new year is underway and our ReDiscover consumer survey garnered insights on consumers and their goals for the new year – whether it’s focusing on healthier habits, cleaner eating, or following a balanced budget. We shared how the dairy and frozen food aisles are a key place for consumers to start their journey. Explore stats on eating habits, mealtime preferences, and more with our latest research and interactive landing page:

2023 Consumer Research

New Data from Atomik Research
Shifting Consumer Eating and Grocery Shopping Habits:
New Opportunities for Frozen and Refrigerated Foods

NFRA partnered with Atomik Research, a full-service creative market division of 4media group, to conduct a comprehensive research campaign to better understand consumers’ at-home and in-store behaviors specific to frozen and refrigerated foods post-pandemic. Findings from qualitative interviews identified key themes in behaviors and attitudes that were used to inform an online survey. These primary methodological approaches were also informed by a secondary methodological approach that leveraged syndicated social and news media data – a social and news media landscape analysis.

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Additional Research