New Member Spotlight

NFRA is always gaining new members from a variety of categories. Read below to learn about some of our newest members of the association!

a2 Milk

At the a2 Milk® Company, we’re on a mission to bring you delicious, nutritious, and pure a2 Milk®. a2 Milk® is naturally occurring cows’ milk with added Vitamin D. Our milk naturally contains only the A2 protein type (A1 protein free), which may help some people avoid discomfort from milk. Our cows have not been treated with growth hormones, rBST or antibiotics and all of our family farms are independently certified by the Validus Group to ensure we meet strict animal welfare guidelines.

a2 milk logo

Nona Lim

Nona Lim makes fresh Asian comfort food for the flavor-obsessed. Our founder, the real Nona Lim, draws her inspiration from a childhood spent in Singapore, a country passionate about the big, harmonious flavors of its unmatched culinary diversity. But it’s not just about taste: we believe that food should also be good for your body and soul. That’s why our products are full of healing spices, natural proteins, and whole veggies. Our flavorful and easy-to-enjoy foods will warm you from the inside out.

Golden West Food Group

Headquartered in Vernon, CA, Golden West Food Group is a premium full spectrum manufacturer and distributor of fine food products.  Family owned and operated since 1977 and operating two plants in Southern California, Golden West Food Group (GWFG) is committed to providing the highest quality food products with an unrelenting commitment to fresh, nutritious ingredients and promotion of eco-friendly business practices.

Syndian Natural Food Products

Aiming to bring the unique to mainstream, Syndian Natural food products was established in year 2000 to do just that, all gluten free, all vegan, all natural clean whole foods  and GM free certified. Syndian’s   ready to eat, versatile  food products had become part of the mainstream in  Australia and now we would like to be part of the US.  Guided by nature and true to the flavour of the ingredients, Syndian manufactures a range of burgers, sliders and bites, made from 100% natural ingredients without any flavour imitation, binders, preservatives conditioners, or fillers. Our products are minimally processed and loved by customers for their authenticity, simplicity and the ability to understand their ingredients.

Syndian logo

KiTu Life, Inc.

It all started in our little brother’s dorm room…

Tired of sugary coffees and artificial energy drinks, we left out the negatives and added the positives. All of our products are made with real ingredients, contain no sugar, and are packed with MCT Oil and lactose-free Whey protein. Current varieties include Super Coffee, Super Espresso, and Super Creamer! We believe that if you change your energy, you can change your world. See more at

Adams Cold Storage

Adams Cold Storage, LLC (ACS), is a multi-temperature, rail-served Public Refrigerated Warehouse located in Auburndale, FL, midway between Tampa and Orlando.  Fully racked space includes minus 0°F, 33-36°F and 40-45°F storage temperature ranges within 7.1 million cubic feet of first-class warehousing.  Established in 2010, ACS offers Accellos WMS with 24/7 access to on-line ordering and inventory tracking. In addition to order selection, tempering, and labeling services, ACS operates 2 Foreign Trade Zone areas and one TTB area. ACS has a proven reputation for Order Fulfillment exceeding 99.9% while maintaining a BRCGS rating of AA for 3 consecutive years.