New Member Spotlight

NFRA is always gaining new members from a variety of categories. Read below to learn about some of our newest members of the association!

Milo’s Tea Company

Milo’s was founded as a restaurant in 1946 by Milo and Bea Carlton after Milo returned from serving our country in World War II.

Milo’s philosophy was simple – use high quality, natural ingredients, listen to your customers and never sacrifice taste. This vision still guides us today as we source natural ingredients, fresh brew all of our teas and never use added colors or preservatives.

More than seventy years later, Milo’s is still a family-owned business, as well as a certified women-owned business, located in Bessemer, Alabama. Milo’s is also a TRUE Gold-Certified Zero Waste Manufacturer devoted to sustainable practices and the stewardship of local communities and the environment.

Excellence Industries

Excellence is the only commercial refrigeration company that provides a complete continuum of partnership that begins with innovative custom designs and graphics. Then Excellence offers logistics and distribution, leasing, service, and recycling – all from one reliable resource.

For over 50 years, the company has been supplying self-contained refrigeration units and producing an extensive range of coolers and freezers for display and storage.

Everything Excellence does is focused on one goal: helping our partners grow their businesses. From our ability to create custom graphics, to our vast variety of cooler and freezer options, we know how to help our partners achieve and exceed sales goals.

Infinity Transportation Logistics (ITL)

Infinity Transportation Logistics (ITL) offers an expedited temperature-controlled domestic intermodal service, and owns/operates nearly 400 state-of-the-art 53′ refrigerated containers, custom built for domestic service.  ITL’s primary focus is moving frozen foods, fresh produce and other refrigerated products from/to Washington State and Oregon to/from the Midwest and the East Coast, with return service to WA and OR.  ITL’s expedited intermodal service departs intermodal ramps in Seattle and Spokane, WA and Portland, OR six days per week, with door-to-door load transit times of 4 to 5 days to the Midwest, and 7 to 8 days to various destinations on the East Coast.

Mosul Kubba, Inc.

Mosul Kubba, Inc. was founded in 1995 in Chicago, Illinois. In the year 2000 Mosul Kubba, Inc became the first USDA Approved facility for Authentic Mediterranean frozen food that manufactures Kibbie, Kabob, and Shawarma. Mosul Kubba has been an industry leader for more than 20 years. Our passionate chefs work with quality ingredients to ensure and deliver Authentic taste and freshness. We strive to deliver the highest quality Halal products, as our products are minimally processed. We do daily private Laboratory testing. At Mosul Kubba our team works around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction, and to add new products to our line.

Nuttin Ordinary

Nuttin Ordinary makes clean, simple ingredient, plant-based products. We offer a spreadable cashew cheese line with four (4) flavors Spicy, Italian Herb, Cracked Pepper and Plain. Our Jumbo frozen ravioli is filled with our Italian Herb cheese. We culture our plant-cheese with a proprietary probiotic blend, which gives our cashew cheese its distinct and natural cheese flavor. Our products are naturally dairy free, gluten free, with no added oils, thickeners or gums. Eat Clean. Be Happy!

Crowley Logistics

Crowley Logistics provides its customers a single-sourced, full-cycle cold chain management solution from sourcing to point-of-sale for fresh, frozen, perishable and dry cargo of all types, and all temperature handling requirements. Our experts use state-of-the-art technology to leverage short ocean transit times and air options, with a variety of other services including state-of-the-art refrigerated equipment, Customs compliance, free trade zone services, inventory management, procurement, distribution planning, multi-modal transportation, value-added refrigerated warehousing activities, reverse logistics and managed land transportation to improve business performance, reduce inventory, expand and simplify the supply chain and speed products seamlessly to market.

Crowley Logo

Smári, Inc.

Smári, Inc. was founded by native Icelander, Smári Ásmundsson. In 2010, he introduced the first organic Icelandic yogurt to the U.S. market. Still focused on protein delivery, Smári then set his sights on the RTD beverage category. One of his favorite ways to have his breakfast is to mix coffee and yogurt together – providing caffeine to kickstart the day and protein to keep it going. Smári Kaffi was inspired by this combination. Two years in development, Kaffi is an innovative, functional beverage and the first of it’s kind in the marketplace. While it’s not scientifically proven to restore bravery, we think it certainly doesn’t hurt.

a2 Milk

At the a2 Milk® Company, we’re on a mission to bring you delicious, nutritious, and pure a2 Milk®. a2 Milk® is naturally occurring cows’ milk with added Vitamin D. Our milk naturally contains only the A2 protein type (A1 protein free), which may help some people avoid discomfort from milk. Our cows have not been treated with growth hormones, rBST or antibiotics and all of our family farms are independently certified by the Validus Group to ensure we meet strict animal welfare guidelines.

a2 milk logo