New Member Spotlight

NFRA is always gaining new members from a variety of categories. Read below to learn about some of our newest members of the association!


Nationwide exists to protect people, businesses, and futures with extraordinary care. They are honored that their customers trust their On Your Side promise during the worst and best moments of life. Nationwide focuses on Three Pillars of Protection: Coverage, Loss Avoidance, and Safety. They are a Fortune 100 company with a rich history in agribusiness that offers a range of insurance and financial services. Nationwide offers industry-leading risk management services and a claims team that focuses strictly on ag/food/fuel accounts. They’ve served generations by protecting what’s most important. Let them do the same for you. For more information, visit


Maersk is an integrated logistics company working to connect and simplify customer supply chains. As a global leader in logistics services, the company operates in more than 130 countries and employs around 100,000 people. Maersk’s Cold Chain Solutions, built on its comprehensive Ocean and Logistics offerings, bring simplicity and predictability to the transport of perishables while reducing customer risk and administrative workloads. Within the U.S., Maersk has Cold Storage warehouse facilities in Newark, NJ; Wilmington, NC; Charleston, SC; and Houston, TX, which cater to a wide range of services for frozen, chilled, and ambient temperature goods and produce. For more information, visit

TGW Logistics

TGW Logistics is a global integrator of warehouse automation systems. They design, manufacture, implement, and support their solutions. By working with clients to transform their fulfillment operations, TGW enhances their customer loyalty, sales growth, and overall sustainability. This is particularly true for grocery clients who seek an edge in a highly competitive industry and look for savings and optimizations to boost their margins. In North America, TGW Logistics has empowered the supply chains of NewCold, Lineage, and others. As a unique foundation-owned company, they are motivated to make a positive impact on their clients, society, and the planet. For more information, visit


Since 1991, Italpizza has been a family owned pizza company known for distinguishing itself by making and distributing delicious Italian pizzas worldwide. Following the Neapolitan tradition – dough rises naturally for 24 hours, and then hand-stretched and topped by their pizza makers. The finished pizza is then cooked to 70% complete in wood-burning ovens, creating a premium retail-ready pizza, mixing passion and expertise with the finest Italian ingredients. Thanks to their philosophy and flexibility, Italpizza collaborates side-by-side with clients to make products that perfectly satisfy their market needs. This is why they are the #1 frozen pizza brand in Italy, and the best retailers in more than 40 countries have chosen Italpizza to be the most reliable and innovative brands in the market. For more information, visit


Portex is a new software company that helps manufacturers within Food & Beverage and adjacent industries to procure and manage freight more efficiently. Brittany, Portex’s CEO, previously worked for a freight forwarder and realized that many US companies still use emails/spreadsheets or work across fragmented carrier portals to manage logistics due to the high cost and complexity of enterprise transportation management software. Portex was built to provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective tool for any business moving freight.  They can get started in 10 minutes or less, consolidating rates and shipment info across preferred partners into a single platform, all while automating freight data to drive efficiencies. They have helped companies reduce 30% of their freight spend and become 10x more efficient at moving goods. For more information, visit

The Erb Group

The Erb Group, a Canadian-owned refrigerated transportation provider, leads the cold chain industry with a seamless one-stop-shop shipping experience and a refreshingly “cool” approach to collaboration. Founded in 1959, The Erb Group started with one man, his truck, and a dream to deliver. Since then, their commitment to excellence has driven them to master LTL capabilities and handle even the most complex loads. With a people-first focus, The Erb Group prioritizes its partnerships with business owners and executives across North America to help bring their perishable products to customers across Canada and the U.S. For more information, visit

Jaju Pierogi

Founded by two sisters, Jaju Pierogi specializes in the production of high-quality frozen pierogi at scale. Named after their Polish grandfather, “Jaju” (dziadziu in Polish), Jaju Pierogi is committed to making pierogi that taste just like family made them. The company currently sells its frozen pierogi in over 2,500 stores throughout the country and is continuing to expand its national reach through wholesale distribution. Jaju Pierogi also attends music festivals, events, and markets throughout the country to get the brand in front of as many eyes, and the product in as many mouths as possible. For more information, visit

Universal Pure

Universal Pure is the largest independent provider of high-pressure processing (HPP) and related food safety and cold-chain technical services in North America. HPP is a unique technology that utilizes water and pressure to inactivate food-borne pathogens without the use of chemicals or other additives while also dramatically extending product shelf life without compromising nutritional value, taste, or texture. Universal Pure also offers a suite of value-added services, including cold storage, bottling, kitting and assembly, dry aging, tempering, and inventory management. The company’s footprint includes eight facilities positioned nationwide across major shipping lanes and distribution centers in the U.S.  For more information, visit

KeHE Distributors

KeHE provides natural & organic, specialty & gourmet, international & multicultural and fresh products to natural food stores, chain grocery stores, independent grocery stores and other specialty product retailers throughout North America. For more information, visit

Legend of Master

Legend of Master is a certified minority, women-owned brand specializing in Japanese-inspired foods and sustainable sushi-grade frozen seafood. Our family-owned business came about during COVID when our CEO, Lina Lynn, saw issues in the supply chain surrounding Asian products. With 20+ years in the restaurant industry and being a finalist on Food Network’s Chopped, Lina developed her own brand of high-quality, chef-procured products. For more information, visit

Gelit srl

Headquartered in the countryside of Italy, just outside Rome, Gelit is a company offering pasta and rice based Frozen Entrees, Frozen Snacks and Foodservice Solutions. Active since 1977 with an innate drive toward innovation, Gelit was the first company to market the IQF technology to stir fry-ready meals, which is instrumental to deliver to its customers a superior quality experience. This quality is further enhanced by sourcing – for the most part – locally grown ingredients, which are used by a team of Italian chefs to develop recipes designed to create joy and moments of pleasure to share. For more information visit

Emilia Foods

Emilia Foods, an Italian company in the frozen foods sector, stands as a multi-category partner for distributors and retailers worldwide. They offer over 450 items, from value-added vegetables, pasta, and meals solutions to pizza, appetizers, gelato, and novelties. Emilia Foods exports to over 20 countries, with a high service level, underling their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. At the heart of their innovation lies their in-house Research & Development laboratory, renowned for developing unique recipes and pioneering solutions tailored to meet dynamic market demands. With a network of 35 certified production facilities, backed by a dedicated internal quality control department, they guarantee superior product standards. Emilia Foods’ operational efficiency is further enhanced by a strategic U.S. hub, which not only streamlines logistics but also underscores their resolve to ensure supply continuity and pursue aggressive market expansion strategies. For more information, visit

Cooper Farms

Cooper Farms is a diversified farm and food company that has been providing high quality products since 1938. Today, the Cooper family carries on the tradition started by Virgil and Virginia Cooper by providing quality turkey, pork, and egg products. As a fourth-generation family-owned company, Cooper Farms continues to build and strengthen relationships based on the values that have guided the family since the company was founded. They are constantly striving to maintain a flexible business model to consistently meet their customers’ needs. For more information, visit