Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties National Program

The plans are in place for NFRA’s 2018 Summer Favorites Promotion. We have a fresh look this year with a redesigned logo and updated point-of-sale materials.

This promotion always brings excitement to the aisles, encourages traffic and increases ice cream and novelties sales. Below are some of the promotion elements. Several changes have been made by the Ice Cream & Novelties Committee over the past couple years that have enhanced the overall event.

Promotion Elements

Ordering POS

NFRA’s new Summer Favorites themed point-of-sale can be purchased from NFRA or through our online portal. Participating manufacturers and retailers use these items to enhance and bring excitement to the aisles!

Coupon-Freezer-Ice Cream Giveaway

Increases consumer participation and brand awareness and is promoted throughout all NFRA’s social media channels. The contest is also available for your promotional use in advertising, on your web and social media. If your brands have any giveaways, NFRA will promote through our social media channels.

National PR Campaign Support

The promotion will receive substantial PR support through NFRA’s influential storytellers, media outreach and an aggressive social media program touting the taste, quality, recipes and fun experiences connected with ice cream and novelties.

Brand Exposure Report

NFRA monitors and tracks brand exposure during the promotion and will provide each participating manufacturer with a brand recap highlighting the value you have received for your promotional dollars.

Golden Penguin Awards Competition

Participating brands can enter in five different categories that provide more opportunities for manufacturers and sales agents to work with retailers to build Displays, hold In-Store Events, utilize Social Media, support Community Events…and more.