NFRA Annual Events

What is the NFRA Convention?

The NFRA Convention, held annually in October at various locations, is the leading event of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry. The Convention brings together the top companies form all segments of the industry in one place and provides the time so attendees can conduct business with one another effectively and efficiently. This saves attendees the money and time spent away from the office that multiple visits throughout the year would take.

NFRA provides Retailer attendees with complimentary meeting rooms to hold appointments throughout the Convention. Many Manufacturers have meeting rooms or suites where they hold appointments as well, which can take any direction the participants choose; this can vary from the review of a new or established account to the introduction of a new product or service.

What events take place during the NFRA Convention?

The NFRA Convention also offers industry-exclusive events like the Taste of Excellence, where attendees get to sample the latest and best frozen and refrigerated products. Breakfast sessions kick off the mornings and offer outstanding presentations from notable speakers. Other events include a Member Appreciation Luncheon, an Annual Membership Luncheon and the NFRA Networking Reception, where the Golden Penguin Award winners are recognized. See the Golden Penguin page for more details on this competition. Throughout the NFRA Convention, Cafe NFRA is open to all attendees, where you can hold informal meetings and network with colleagues, as well as sample new frozen and refrigerated products.

How much does it cost and where can I learn more?

Registration fees for NFRA members are significantly reduced, and registration is complimentary for spouses and Retailer/Wholesaler NFRA members. For a detailed look into the NFRA Convention, please visit!

What is the Executive Conference? 

Held annually in April at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel and Conference Center in Tempe, Arizona, the Executive Conference brings tops frozen and refrigerated food executives together in a relaxed setting to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities facing the industry. A series of sessions/presentations from an expert line-up of speakers, including retailer keynote(s), gives attendees a broad background on the latest issues impacting the industry.

Attendance is limited to 150, ensuring the best opportunity to network and engage with trading partners and build professional relationships. The relaxed environment allows attendees to connect with fellow executives on a personal level while discussing business.

What else is there to do at the Executive Conference?

An optional golf tournament or an optional fishing outing is held near the hotel on the first day to kick off the Conference, followed by a welcome reception, where attendees can get to know one another better in a comfortable and fun environment. There is also a pool-side reception on the second evening.

How much does it cost to attend the Executive Conference?

NFRA members receive a significantly reduced rate, and NFRA Retailer member and spouse registration is complimentary. NFRA also provides a discounted hotel rate for those staying on-site. For more information on the Executive Conference, please visit!