March National Program

For March Frozen Food Month 2018, NFRA has an exciting national program that includes the following elements for sponsors to reach consumers across the country.

Program Elements

Digital Coupons on

Sponsoring brands received 180,000 coupon activations distributed through a mix of Print-at-Home and Save-to-Card offers or 2.2 million impressions through banner ads.

Westwood One Integrated Media Partnership

Westwood One logoThrough an integrated media partnership with one of the largest radio operators in the country, this customized media plan delivered local messaging through radio, web, email and social media platforms across a national footprint and garnered over 41.6 million impressions in 2018!

  • National radio includes a custom 30-second spot and customizable media plan where brands selected their own markets, the marketing mix and retailers
  • Digital includes branded content and banner ads across local station website, streaming platforms and mobile for a four-week program
  • Three dedicated email blasts to a subscriber base in selected markets where the brand has 100% share of voice
  • Two custom social videos on Facebook

NFRA and sponsoring brands can help drive consumers to the frozen aisles with this national program for March Frozen Food Month. Brand activations across multiple platforms and diverse elements across the marketing mix create a successful model for consumer engagement and excitement around the frozen food aisles!

2019 March National Program Brochure

2019 March National Program Participation Brochure

2019 March National Program Form

2019 March National Program Participation Form