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Thirty years ago there was no Oatly, just some researchers at a university in a country mistakenly known for polar bears roaming the streets, nerding out on ways to turn oats into a milk alternative and creating a production process to keep all the beta-glucans (big, scientific word for soluble fiber) intact so that we could go crazy making all kinds of delicious and sustainable oatmilks and Oatgurt and oat-based non-dairy frozen desserts and then share all of this oat history through the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association.

The original idea behind Oatly was to find a way to make a nutritious milk for people who didn’t like cow’s milk or were unwilling to use it for personal reasons. Today, the idea of producing a milk directly from oats instead of first feeding oats to a cow and letting the cow process them into milk sounds remarkably sustainable but back when we started in the 1990s most people thought we were crazy. That’s cool, everything has its time. https://www.oatly.com/int/

The Perla Company Usa

The Perla Company, an Italian company specialized in frozen bakery products, was born in 1988. From the beginning, the goal was to achieve a higher quality and this commitment is renewed every day. The Perla Company Usa, Inc. is the American branch of the inventor of the “Perla”, the most popular puff-pastry in Italy.

The Perla Company products are immediately recognizable by their unique shape, are made with high quality European ingredients, free from GMO, improvers & hydrogenated fats and are produced using renewable energy, for the health of our planet.

The mission of the Company is to bring in the U.S. these amazing Italian pastries and to provide, to all the retailers and foodservice distributors, these masterpieces in order to give to the Americans a little bit of True Italian Food Style. https://www.italianpastryexcellence.com/