Consumer PR Campaign

For a decade NFRA has been working with leading PR agencies in the creation and execution of two consumer PR campaigns that share the frozen and refrigerated food stories through messaging platforms, robust media relations programs, innovative media partnerships and other new and engaging ways to reach consumers.

These two campaigns garnered 1.255 billion (frozen campaign) and 802.66 million impressions (refrigerated campaign) in 2021 alone, a dramatic increase over impressions from previous years. Campaign strategies in generating these numbers include:

  • Storytellers – NFRA has a panel of food experts, chefs and recipe bloggers who serve as NFRA spokespeople to create new recipes using frozen and refrigerated foods and share NFRA messaging with their consumer audiences.
  • Content – Compelling content is created to fuel media interest and provide food solutions that fit consumers’ lives, such as infographics and videos.
  • News Bureau – Compelling story lines are mapped against consumer search habits to pique media interest.
  • Online/Media Partnerships – Selective partnerships help NFRA tap into thriving consumer communities and foster authentic engagement.
  • Social Media – NFRA sparks consumer conversation throughout our growing Easy Home Meals social media channels including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.
  • Member Engagement – Sharing member resources and showcasing member news and products bring life to the PR campaigns.

Real Food. Frozen. Campaign

The Real Food. Frozen. campaign focuses on how frozen foods are made from the best real ingredients, inspired by chefs with fresh flavors, portions and packaging that don’t leave anything to waste. The frozen campaign is centered around creating positive conversation and improving the perception of frozen foods by highlighting the “real food” messaging and supporting product sales.

Dairy…and Beyond Campaign

The Dairy…and Beyond campaign emphasizes the nutritional value and creative¬†possibilities that products in the refrigerated aisle offer, as well as innovative treats and convenient foods that truly show how versatile the dairy aisle is.