Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties Toolkit

Now is the perfect time to communicate the many benefits of frozen foods to consumers and shoppers nationwide. Utilize this toolkit of resources to make the most of your March Frozen Food Month promotion efforts! You’ll find artwork, social media posts, infographics, videos plus additional content to share in your communications.

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Artwork & Logos

PNG Summer Favorites Promotion Logo

Summer Favorites Ice Cream and Novelties Logo

EPS Summer Favorites Promotion Logo

Summer Favorites Ice Cream and Novelties Logo

PNG Ice Cream Giveaway Logo

JPG Ice Cream Giveaway Logo


Visit our POS website to view Summer Favorites promotional items to display in-store! A variety of colorful and consumer-friendly POS materials will engage shoppers in the ice cream and novelties aisles. Don’t forget – you can enter your marketing and merchandising displays in the Golden Penguin Awards competition!

Frozen Food Infographics

Real Food...In Your Freezer

2013 March Infographic

Frozen Foods Have Never Been Hotter

2018 Frozen Food Infographic

Such a Waste!

2017 Food Waste Infographic

Make Mealtime Magic in the Frozen Food Aisle

March 2014 Infographic

Social Posts You Can Use

Check back soon for Ice Cream & Novelties posts you can share on your social media channels!

Ice Cream & Novelties Recipes

Visit for the latest recipes featuring delicious ice cream and novelties! Feel free to share on your social media channels and in communications.

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Golden Penguin Awards Competition

Did you know any member category (manufacturers, retailers, sales agents, local associations, etc.) can enter to win a Golden Penguin Award? This awards competition recognizes outstanding marketing and merchandising efforts through a variety of entry categories. The online entry system makes it easy to submit your entry and supporting documents! View details here.

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