Americans Beat the Summer Heat in the Frozen Food Aisle

A New Survey Reveals Piqued Interest in Frozen Treats Leading Up to National Ice Cream Month

HARRISBURG, Pa., June 29, 2023 – Every year, many Americans beat the summer heat with frozen treats and this year is no exception. July is National Ice Cream Month and according to the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) most U.S. adults (77%) believe ice cream can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. Among those asked in a recent survey, many Gen Z and millennial consumers say they feel less guilty when they have a fruit-based ice cream as compared to eating a chocolate frozen snack.

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What’s the scoop?

Among the group of respondents with children, there appears to be a significant level of interest and consumption when it comes to ice cream. On average, parents consume ice cream or frozen novelties more frequently than childfree adults.

More than two in five (43%) Gen Z parents admit to hiding ice cream from their kids, while only 21% of Gen X parents follow suit. Parents indulge in ice cream approximately nine times per month and spend more time exploring the ice cream aisle compared to childfree adults. When it comes to celebrations, three in four parents (75%) believe that a side of ice cream is essential to complete a birthday cake.

Get to the pint, already!

Consumers have a wide variety to pick from when it comes to healthier dessert options in the ice cream category. Today’s shoppers can now find a mixture of high-protein, low carb, plant-based and added fiber frozen dessert options, making sweet treats available for consumers of all tastes and tolerances.

U.S. adults frequently shop in the ice cream and novelties aisle for a variety of reasons. Millennials are most often looking to try “better-for-you” dessert options. On the other hand, almost half of respondents say that they always look at ice cream and frozen novelty food labels in order to decide what works best for them.

We all scream for ice cream!

National Ice Cream Month is the perfect time for consumers to eat all the ice cream they desire and try out a new product or brand in the frozen novelty aisle. NFRA’s month-long Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties promotion celebration includes a chance to win ice cream & novelties for a year. Participants may enter at from May 26 – August 4 for a chance to win free ice cream coupons for one year.

For more information on Ice Cream Month and the NFRA, please visit the NFRA website.