November Promotion Ideas

  • Create a Thanksgiving display in the cool aisles themed “Holiday Helpers.” Showcase the many frozen and refrigerated products that can help to make a Thanksgiving meal tasty (and easy to prepare).
  • Provide cooking demos and sampling of the many new and innovative frozen vegetable creations. Have customers taste the homemade quality of fully prepared mashed potatoes, as well as the delicious selection of breads and rolls.
  • Invite a local “cool chef” to appear in-store to prepare and share holiday presentation ideas and samples of the wide variety of bakeshop-quality desserts, including cakes, pies, ice cream and more.
  • Create an in-store event featuring the Thanksgiving foods – then take a substantial donation to a local food bank or shelter to help make the holiday better for those less fortunate. Invite your customers to join in supporting your efforts.

More Ideas!

November 6 is National Nachos Day

Create a special promotion for this special day with a focus on the many cheese selections to make the perfect nachos. Have demos and samplings of cheesy nachos in the refrigerated aisles.

November 11 is National Sundae Day

A great opportunity to promote both special days – salute and honor our veterans with a special ice cream sundae event in the frozen aisles. Create and provide free sundaes, or offer free containers of ice cream to veterans of any war – a unique way to recognize those heroes and say thank you.

Notable November Celebrations!

  • National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month
  • National Stuffing Month

November 2:  National Deviled Egg Day
November 2:  Election Day
November 9:  National Greek Yogurt Day
November 11:  Veterans Day
November 15:  Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
November 25:  National Parfait Day
November 25:  Thanksgiving Day
November 26:  National Cake Day
November 28-December 6: Hanukkah