ReDiscover Inspiration in the Dairy and Frozen Food Aisles

3 in 4 adults say that they find it easier to eat healthy when they have a freshly stocked refrigerator and freezer

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Kate Landis 

HARRISBURG, Pa. (January 23, 2024) – Every January, the calendar flips, resolutions are penned, and intentions are set. Whether your goals focus on healthier habits, cleaner eating, or a balanced budget, the dairy and frozen food aisles are a key place to start, offering a secret weapon of convenient, budget-friendly ingredients to help you transform your January resolutions into lasting, positive change.

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Throughout the month of January, the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) is helping consumers ditch mealtime monotony and rediscover a world of flavor in their own kitchen.

“As consumers are seeking out new recipes and budget-friendly ideas for mealtimes, the dairy and frozen aisles offer the variety and convenience they are looking for,” says Tricia Greyshock, President and CEO of NFRA. “The number of innovative products keeps growing, presenting consumers with choices that can fit any lifestyle.”

Out with the old, in with the new. Set yourself up for success to help reach your goals. In a recent survey, more than 3 in 4 adults (78%) say they find it easier to eat healthy when they have a freshly stocked refrigerator and freezer. And more than half of adults (56%) say they clean out their refrigerator or freezer to start the new year  to make room for new items, flavors or healthier choices.

If time constraints are standing in the way of your goals, find shortcuts to help make meal prep easier and healthier. In our survey, we found that 72% of adults say they are looking for shortcuts to make eating healthier. And if spending time with friends and family is at the top of the priority list this year, ease of meal-making can help with that. When asked, nearly 1 in 2 adults say they are looking to use more ready-made entrees (48%) or more appetizers (47%) from the frozen and refrigerated aisles to make it quicker and easier to prepare meals that feel complete.

Need some creative ideas for quicker, healthier meals? Half of adults (50%) admit they are in a rut when it comes to meal decisions and more than 3 in 5 adults (62%) are actively looking for new resources for discovering unique recipes. While some of the best recipes come from foodfluencers and scrolling online, more than half of adults (54%) say the best cure for recipe fatigue is browsing their local grocery store for inspiration.

Looking for a quick and easy way to get started? The ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen lookbook and Easy Home Meals recipe library are bursting with ideas to transform everyday ingredients into culinary masterpieces. You can also conquer the kitchen with engaging video tutorials and handy recipe hacks to build culinary confidence and become a master of your meals. We’re also giving away a state-of-the-art Ninja® Kitchen appliance to take your cooking game to the next level!


NFRA Penguin Pitch: In Search of the Next Big Emerging Brand

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Kate Landis

HARRISBURG, Pa. (January 18, 2024) — Calling all culinary trailblazers! Do you have an exciting refrigerated or frozen food product that you believe is ready to be named the “next big thing”? If so, you may want to consider entering a new contest sponsored by the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA).

The NFRA Penguin Pitch: Emerging Brand Contest is open to new or emerging food brands that are currently at retail and looking to disrupt their category. “Think of when self-rising gourmet pizza first appeared in the freezer… Or when the dairy aisle introduced milk derived from nuts and soy… That’s the kind of innovation we’re looking for,” says Tricia Greyshock, President and CEO of NFRA. The Penguin Pitch is searching for brands that push boundaries and redefine how consumers experience and enjoy frozen and refrigerated foods.

The grand prize winner will receive their own table at Café NFRA during this year’s NFRA Convention, October 5-8, 2024, in National Harbor, Md. Valued at $6,000, the Café spot will give the winning brand an opportunity to showcase their product to retailers and industry professionals. The winning brand will also receive the prestigious honor of being named NFRA’s inaugural “Emerging Brand of the Year,” increasing the brand’s growth potential. Select honorable mentions will also be awarded.

Neil Ritchey, NFRA Chairman and Vice President of Consumer Brands at InnovAsian Cuisine, adds, “Our search for emerging brands is a way of challenging manufacturers to innovate. We want to see products that not only excite shoppers, but also encourage them to spend a few extra minutes looking for new items that will make mealtimes more fulfilling.”

Entries must meet the following requirements to qualify:

  • Company must be a member of NFRA in good standing (if not currently a member, Company must join before March 1, 2024);
  • The Product being entered must have been retail ready and have been shipping to U.S. retailers as of no later than June 1, 2023;
  • Retail sales for the Product must be in the range of $100,000 – $2 million annually by February 1, 2024;
  • Company must be less than three years old;
  • Must have a viable distribution supply chain network in place;
  • Product should be innovative and fill a consumer need

For complete official rules, winner’s information, and online application, please visit Deadline to enter is February 16, 2024.


Greyshock Appointed President and CEO of the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association

For Immediate Release

Kate Landis

HARRISBURG, Pa. (January 8, 2024) — The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) has announced the appointment of Tricia Greyshock as president and CEO of the organization effective January 1, 2024. Greyshock will take over the position following the retirement of Jeff Rumachik after 14 years of service to the association.

Greyshock joined the organization in 2019 as vice president of meetings and industry relations. She was promoted to executive vice president and COO in 2022 working closely with Rumachik in all aspects of leading the association and executing its mission to promote the sales and consumption of frozen and refrigerated foods.

During her tenure, Greyshock worked with staff to bring the annual NFRA Executive Conference and NFRA Convention to new heights, including record attendance for both events in 2023; led an advisory council in development of NFRA’s new landmark January joint promotion (ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen); and oversaw year-over-year unprecedented membership growth. Under her guidance, NFRA continues to expand its reach, growing consumer awareness and engagement in the frozen and refrigerated dairy categories.

Prior to joining NFRA, Greyshock held roles including VP, Association Services at a statewide non-profit, responsible for the planning and execution of various national events while also overseeing membership services and communications efforts; as well as previous roles in sales, new business development, global congress program management and experiential marketing. Greyshock graduated summa cum laude from Lycoming College with a bachelor’s degree in international business and Spanish and a minor in economics. 

Greyshock is excited to step into her new role and lead NFRA into the future. “The frozen and refrigerated foods industry is dynamic and innovative, and I’m honored to take on this role as we build upon our foundational success to unlock new opportunities,” Greyshock says. “I look forward to collaborating with our board of directors, our membership, and the broader industry to emphasize that frozen and refrigerated foods continue to be a healthy, convenient, and delicious choice for families.”


New Year, New Flavors: A Delicious Journey Awaits in the Dairy & Frozen Aisles!

Kate Landis

HARRISBURG, Pa., (January 3, 2024) – Ditch mealtime monotony and rediscover a world of flavor in your own kitchen with the National Frozen and Refrigerated Food Association’s (NFRA) ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen promotion, officially rolling out across the country from January 1 to 31, 2024!

Spark Your Culinary Creativity:
The dairy and frozen aisles are bursting with possibilities, from plant-based cheeses and unique ice cream flavor combos to quick-fix dinners and hidden-gem appetizers. Explore diverse flavors, rediscover old favorites, and find something for every taste and diet.

ReImagine Mealtime:
Unleash the potential of your freezer and fridge. Pre-cooked proteins become gourmet bowls, frozen veggies fuel vibrant stir-fries, and creamy yogurt elevates simple fruit salads. Convenience meets quality, transforming mealtimes into exciting culinary adventures. The number of inventive products keeps growing, with more added all the time. 

More than Just Meals:
Beyond the aisles in your local grocery store, the ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen conversation continues online. Join the #ReDiscoverDairyandFrozen discussion and follow along on social media, where you’ll find:

  • Recipe Inspiration: From quick-fix breakfasts to gourmet dinners and everything in-between, our ReDiscover recipe lookbook and Easy Home Meals recipe library is bursting with ideas to transform everyday ingredients into culinary masterpieces.
  • Unleash Your Inner Culinary Ninja: Enter for a chance to win a state-of-the-art Ninja® Kitchen appliance and take your cooking game to the next level! This powerful kitchen companion will help you master frozen meals, air-fry vegetables to perfection, and whip up creamy smoothies with effortless ease.
  • Level Up Your Kitchen Game: Conquer the kitchen with our engaging video tutorials and handy recipe hacks using items from the frozen and dairy aisles. Build your culinary confidence through step-by-step guides, clever substitutions, and time-saving shortcuts. Become the master of your meals, one delicious discovery at a time!

“January is a great time for consumers to reconnect with the incredible variety and convenience the dairy and frozen aisles offer,” says Tricia Greyshock, President and CEO of NFRA. “ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen is a reminder that healthy, delicious meals can be quick, easy, and affordable!”

Join the ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen movement and embark on a culinary adventure in your own kitchen!



National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association Releases Report Detailing Americans’ Changing Approach Toward Food

HARRISBURG, Pa. (December 4, 2023) – Since its peak in 2020 and 2021, cooking at home has decreased slightly, but 64% of Americans are continuing to do so to save money and control their budget. After gaining confidence in the kitchen during lockdown, Americans are looking for inspiration to DIY healthier-for-them meals at home – preferably with ingredients from deals in the frozen and refrigerated food aisles. They are also relying more on online grocery shopping and social media for inspiration on how to use those ingredients.

The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA), a non-profit trade association representing all segments of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry, released these findings as part of its latest “Eating at Home” industry report. The report is the culmination of a large-scale research study conducted to better understand Americans’ changing grocery-shopping habits.

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To gather data, researchers surveyed more than 12,000 U.S. consumers; and to gain in-depth, everyday insights, twenty consumers from across the U.S. welcomed researchers into their homes and to their local grocery stores. Additionally, a large-scale analysis of news and social media content helped researchers identify and understand consumer perspectives surrounding frozen and refrigerated foods over the past 18 months up to mid-August of 2023.

“This is the largest research undertaking from the NFRA on behalf of the frozen and refrigerated food industry, with the results yielding directional insights for food manufacturers on consumer trends,” said NFRA President and CEO Jeff Rumachik.

While the entire report is available to read – including directional insights for those in the industry – some trends from the report are available now for the public.

Health-ier Choices

Americans are prioritizing “healthier-for-me” options, especially as they gain control over what ingredients go into their meals.

  • Taste or flavor (66%), quality of the groceries (65%) and healthiness (49%) determine what consumers are putting in their carts.
  • Nearly 3 in 5 consumers (59%) say they began cooking at home using precut frozen fruits and vegetables to save on prep time; using frozen main dishes that are easier to prepare, while making their own side dishes; or using frozen fruit in recipes for smoothies or other treats sometime within the past three years.

Convenient and Cost-Effective Options

Convenience doesn’t mean people are just putting frozen dinners in the oven. They’re making some dishes from scratch while using frozen foods and dairy aisle finds to make their home-cooked meals complete. As shoppers continue to explore new tastes and recipes, they’re also taking notice of increased variety within the frozen and dairy aisles – as well as hunting for deals to help their budget.

  • 93% of consumers indicate they buy milk or are always looking out for offers on milk when shopping in the dairy aisle. In that same group, more than two-thirds (68%) are always on the lookout for milk alternatives/flavored milk or indicate they purchase milk alternatives/flavored milk occasionally or frequently when shopping in the dairy aisle.
  • 45% of consumers rely on air fryers and 43% use slow cookers to cook and prepare food. As of September 2023, there were 9.7 billion views of videos tagged with #airfryer (Media analysis, Atomik Research 2023).

Technology’s Growing Role in the Food We Eat

Technology and social media are having a major influence in shifting how and what Americans eat. Consumers are adopting online grocery shopping and looking to social media for cooking inspiration to make eating at home more convenient or to fill in the gaps when they don’t have the skillset for making a recipe.

  • More than half (54%) of consumers are learning about food and cooking through TikTok and YouTube.
  • A third of consumers (33%) prefer to shop for groceries online because automated recommended purchases / ‘programmatic reminders’ help ensure that they never forget the ingredients they need for recipes.

For more information about the research and its methodology, to read the full report, or to contact NFRA, visit

Kroger, Raley’s and UNFI execs to address NFRA Executive Conference attendees

A Professional Development Event with a Focus on Shopper and Industry Trends

Kate Landis

HARRISBURG, Pa. (November 28, 2023) – The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) will hold its 32nd annual Executive Conference on April 8-10, 2024, at The Westin Tempe in Tempe, Ariz. Retailer presentations will feature Stuart Aitken, Chief Merchant & Marketing Officer, Kroger; Sandy Douglas, CEO, UNFI; and Keith Knopf, President and CEO, The Raley’s Companies.

This relaxed, three-day event brings frozen and refrigerated food industry professionals together to network and learn about the latest consumer insights on industry growth and trends. This educational opportunity is perfect for industry newcomers as well as industry veterans. NFRA encourages professionals of all levels to attend, as the informal atmosphere encourages group discussion and personal interaction.

The conference will open on Sunday, April 7 with a first-time attendee reception. Monday, April 8 will feature the optional Greater Penguin Golf Tournament at nearby Papago Golf Club, followed by an evening welcome reception at the hotel, where attendees can get to know fellow industry professionals

Tuesday, April 9 will offer an impressive lineup of speakers, beginning with a retailer keynote by Keith Knopf. Ben Metzger, of Cleveland Research Company, will explore the impact of macroeconomic pressure on the refrigerated and frozen retail industry and review best practices for navigating the changing landscape. Joe Parrish, The Variable, will delve into the strategic implementation of AI in CPG and retail, emphasizing its applications in product development, market analysis, and personalized shopping experiences.

Sessions continue with frozen and dairy category insights from Acosta, global consumer learnings from Mintel, and retailer presentations by Douglas and Aitken. Bill Day, Magid Associates, will also explore the profound shift in consumer attitudes and expectations over the last four years, and what it means for you and your business., highlighting key takeaways for businesses to adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape.

On Wednesday, April 10 the conference will conclude with breakfast and a final informational session from Kate Masten, The Variable, who will unravel the transformative power of retail media networks as catalysts for business growth and innovation in the digital age.

Attendees can learn about NFRA’s PR and marketing initiatives and how to get involved by attending the Promotions Committee Meeting, or hear from leaders in the cold storage space at the Supply Chain Forum.

Registration will open on December 1 on the Executive Conference website. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are also available. Additional details can be found here.

For more information about NFRA and future events, please visit


NFRA Convention 2023: A Landmark Event for the Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Industry

Setting New Records and Showcasing Innovation

Kate Landis

HARRISBURG, Pa. (October 27, 2023) – The 2023 NFRA Convention, hosted by the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA), marked a record-breaking year with nearly 1,600 attendees from all sectors of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry. The event featured powerful networking opportunities, exciting product innovations, and celebrated various industry achievements.

Tricia Greyshock, NFRA’s EVP/COO, reflected on the event, stating, “The 2023 NFRA Convention exceeded our expectations – what a great opportunity to see so many industry leaders come together to further existing business relationships, build new ones, and experience the latest and greatest product innovation in the frozen and refrigerated dairy space.”

Over 5,000 business appointments were conducted during the event, underscoring NFRA’s commitment to optimizing attendees’ time and productivity. The Convention offered a platform for more than 50 manufacturers and emerging brands to showcase products at the highly anticipated Taste of Excellence opening reception.

Key highlights from this year’s event:

Record-Breaking Attendance: With close to 1,600 attendees, this year’s event boasted a record-breaking number of participants, highlighting the industry’s commitment to meeting in-person with trading partners.

Café NFRA: Café NFRA served as a hub for networking and collaboration, providing attendees with a dynamic setting to connect, share industry insights, and establish meaningful partnerships, while experiencing offerings from emerging and established brands.

Refrigerated Hall of Fame Inductees: The Refrigerated Food Hall of Fame, established in 2010, recognizes outstanding individuals in the refrigerated food industry. Joe D’Alberto, Director of Sales for Acosta Sales & Marketing, and Skip Shaw, retired President & CEO of NFRA, were honored during the ceremony.

Top Marketers Honored: The prestigious 2023 Golden Penguin Awards for exceptional achievements in marketing and merchandising within the frozen and refrigerated foods industry were presented. These awards spotlight innovative marketing strategies and creative merchandising efforts that have played a pivotal role in driving success. This year’s Top Marketers, recognized for their outstanding contributions, include the Frozen & Refrigerated Food Council of Northern California, Tru Fru, Price Chopper/Market 32, RDD Associates, UNFI, Land O’Lakes, Brookshire Grocery Company, Mid-Atlantic Division, Bubbies Ice Cream, and Rouses Markets. For a full listing of Golden Penguin award winners, visit our website.

Annual Membership Meeting: During the 79th Annual Membership Luncheon, NFRA elected its association officers and members of the Board of Directors for 2023-2024, with Neil Ritchey of InnovAsian Cuisine Enterprises serving as Chairman of the Board. The Board recognized Jeff Rumachik, current President & CEO, on his contributions to the association and industry as he transitions into retirement at the end of 2023; Tricia Greyshock, EVP/COO, will officially transition to President & CEO beginning January 2024.

Mark your calendars for next year! The 2024 NFRA Convention will be held at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, National Harbor, MD, October 5-8, 2024. Registration opens March 1, 2024.

For more information about NFRA and future events, please visit

NFRA Elected New 2024 Officers and Directors

For Immediate Release

Kate Landis

HARRISBURG, Pa. (October 23, 2023) – The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) elected its Association Officers and Members of the Board of Directors for 2023-2024 at its Annual Board of Directors meeting on October 7, 2023.

Neil Ritchey, Vice President, Consumer Brands, InnovAsian Cuisine Enterprises, has been elected to serve as Chairman of the Board. Ritchey has served on the Board of Directors since 2013 and served as Chairman-Elect from 2022-2023. Ritchey is also a member of the Honorable Order of Golden Penguins.

Other officers announced at the meeting were: Tracy Aquila, Southeastern Grocers, Chairman-Elect; Bill Kynast, Chobani Global Holdings, Secretary; Mark Tarzwell, Ateeco, Inc./Mrs. T’s Pierogies, Treasurer; Tye Anthony, Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), Vice Chairman – Frozen and Tony Battaglia, Lactalis American Group, Vice Chairman – Refrigerated.

Newly elected to the Board of Directors were: Richard Akins, Harris Teeter; Lindsey Hickey, Simek’s; Mike Ridenour, UNFI and Zak Lowe, Land O’Lakes Foods.

Re-elected to the Board of Directors were: Bob Brown, Jewel-Osco; Tom Robaczewski, Bimbo Bakehouse and Kellie Shetlar, Conagra Brands. A full list of 2023-2024 Board of Directors, Advisory Directors and Council Members can be found here.

NFRA Announces 2023 June Dairy Month and Ice Cream & Novelties Golden Penguin Winners

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) has announced the winners of the Golden Penguin Awards competition for its 2023 June Dairy Month and Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties promotions. NFRA promotions help the industry drive traffic in the frozen food and refrigerated dairy aisles and increase sales for many categories and brands. In recognition of those efforts, NFRA has awarded 22 Gold awards and 24 Silver awards for June Dairy Month and 17 Gold awards and 16 Silver awards for Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties. See the complete list of winners.

The Golden Penguin Awards provide an opportunity for companies from any segment of the industry to be nationally recognized for excellence in merchandising and marketing frozen and refrigerated foods. The Gold winners will be recognized during the NFRA Convention, October 7-10, 2023, in San Diego, CA. In addition to honoring the Gold winners, the highest scoring entry in each of the Overall Marketing Campaign subcategories will be revealed as Top Marketers during the Tuesday, October 10 Golden Penguin Awards Luncheon at the Convention.

NFRA’s Golden Penguin Awards program features eleven categories that reflect today’s marketing practices, including: In-Store Display, In-Store Event, Community Involvement, Social Media Campaign, Private Brand Campaign, Retail Dietitian Wellness Program (new this year) and Overall Marketing Campaign with subcategories for: Retailer, Wholesaler, Manufacturer, Sales Agent and Local Association. Plus, the Top Marketer Awards honor the best of the best – only the highest scoring entry in each of the Overall Marketing Campaign subcategories will be named as Top Marketer.

Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, sales agents and associations of any size could enter any category applicable to their business. Entries were judged on their own merit taking into consideration organization size and/or program budget. Companies can also participate in the Golden Penguin competition for March Frozen Food Month.

# # #

NFRA is a non-profit trade association representing all segments of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry. Headquartered in Harrisburg, Pa., NFRA is the sponsor of March National Frozen Food Month, June Dairy Month, June/July Ice Cream & Novelties promotion, and October Cool Food for Kids educational outreach program. NFRA holds the annual National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Convention in October. 

Connecting the Industry: National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Convention, October 7-10, to Facilitate Key Business Meetings with Leading Retailers

HARRISBURG, Pa., July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The stage is set for the 2023 NFRA Convention, scheduled to take place October 7th to 10th, 2023, at the Marriot Marquis & Marina in San Diego. Renowned as the premier event of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry and hosted by the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA), the convention offers unparalleled opportunities for attendees to foster business growth, forge key partnerships and explore exciting product innovations.

NFRA facilitates an estimated 3,000 business appointments with leading retailers throughout the duration of the event.

Bringing together leading companies from every sector of the industry, the NFRA Convention offers a dynamic platform where business can be conducted efficiently, all under one roof. By providing complimentary meeting rooms to retailers, NFRA ensures that more than 1,300 attendees can maximize their time and productivity, facilitating an estimated 3,000 business appointments throughout the duration of the event. Attendees also get the opportunity to make new connections, sample frozen and refrigerated products, hear from valuable speakers, and network with industry leaders.

The annual Convention will commence Sunday, Oct. 8, with the highly anticipated Taste of Excellence reception where emerging brands and over 50 established leading manufacturers will showcase their latest product innovations. Monday morning will open with breakfast, featuring guest speaker Alex Banayan, bestselling author of The Third Door and expert on exponential growth. Monday afternoon’s Membership Luncheon serves as the association’s annual business meeting with the installation of NFRA’s new officers and directors, as well as the induction of the 2023 Refrigerated Food Hall of Fame members, Joe D’Alberto, Director of Sales for Acosta Sales & Marketing and Skip Shaw, retired President & CEO of NFRA. Monday evening winds down with the Networking Reception, which is an excellent opportunity for all attendees to make connections whether they are veterans of the industry or new members.

Tuesday’s breakfast session features speaker Amelia Rose Earhart, around-the-world pilot, podcast host and artist. The Tuesday Awards Luncheon will honor the 2023 Golden Penguin Award winners for marketing and merchandising excellence for the March Frozen Food Month, June Dairy Month and June/July Ice Cream & Novelties promotions. The highest scoring entries will be unveiled as the 2023 Top Marketer Award winners.

To register for the 2023 NFRA Convention, visit To learn more, watch our NFRA Convention Highlight Reel.

About National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA)
NFRA is a non-profit trade association representing all segments of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry. NFRA sponsors national promotions ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen (January), March Frozen Food Month, June Dairy Month and Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties (June/July); and provides consumer information such as food safety guidelines, meal preparation tips, recipes and sweepstakes opportunities through its Easy Home Meals consumer website and social media properties.

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