ReDiscover Dairy and Frozen

ReConnect with the innovation, convenience and variety the aisles offer

HARRISBURG, Pa., Dec. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — New Years is the time you get back to good habits. Exercising. Getting organized. Eating better. All the resolutions to ReDiscover a better you. This year, it’s time to get back to the dairy and frozen food aisles at your local grocer as well!

The National Frozen and Refrigerated Association (NFRA) is inviting you to do just that. They’re launching a new promotion all January long focused on ReIntroducing you to the things you love, and some new things you might have missed, in the dairy and frozen sections.

Enter the ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen Gift Card Giveaway at
Enter the ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen Gift Card Giveaway at

“With resolutions top of mind, we wanted to invite shoppers to reconnect with all the ways the dairy and frozen aisles can support their goals,” said Julie Henderson, VP of Communications for NFRA. “The aisles offer more than ever before, so it’s the perfect time to come back and rediscover old staples and new favorites.”

It’s going to be a big celebration of what the aisles have to offer, and a welcome invitation back to see what you’ve been missing.

If you haven’t visited lately, the dairy and frozen aisles have grown significantly in the past few years. Seriously – they’ve added A LOT of new things to be excited about. Like delicious, innovative products!

The shelves are now full of diverse cuisines, exciting beverages…even innovative desserts. The number of inventive products keep growing, with more added all the time. And dairy isn’t just dairy anymore. Dairy-free options have exploded…and crossed over to the frozen section as well.

There’s also variety like never before. Cuisines like Asian, Italian, Irish, Greek and more fill the aisles from top to bottom. Plus, you can find just about anything for any diet: vegan, gluten-free, organic – the list goes on and on. There is something delicious in the aisles for every taste and dietary preference.

Plus, foods from the dairy and frozen aisles offer the utmost in convenience. The staples you know and love are still readily available to always have on hand. Heat-and-eat and grab-and-go products have multiplied as well, bringing simplicity to even more delicious foods.

If you’re craving new ideas and recipes for your favorite products, Easy Home Meals has you covered. They’ll be sharing fun, innovative content on how to creatively use the products you find, and ways to get the most out of your visits to the aisles.

Plus, you’ll have chances to win a supermarket gift card all month long in the ReDiscover Dairy & Frozen Gift Card Giveaway, beginning January 2, 2023, by participating in the promotion.

There’s so much to ReDiscover in the dairy and frozen aisles. Don’t miss out – visit your local grocer and see what the buzz is about!