NFRA develops and offers many June Dairy Month-related promotional initiatives to its members including the following:

$10,000 Consumer Sweepstakes 
This sweepstakes resides on NFRA's consumer website and will bring additional consumer participation during the June promotion. The sweepstakes is promoted on the Easy Home Meals social media platforms and encourages consumer engagement and increases excitement around the promotion!

Easy Home Meals Consumer Website & Blog
This popular consumer website and blog provides helpful tips, recipes, suggestions and more to consumers and provides exclusive recognition to refrigerated food brand recipes and products. 

Easy Home Meals Social Media Platforms
Promotional elements, content and sponsoring brands will be the focus of all of the Easy Home Meals social media platforms during the month of June. These platforms include Facebook, Twitter, PinterestYouTube and now Instagram (launched in October!) - with collectively over 390,000 likes or followers!

June Dairy Month Digital Tool Kit 
Check back soon for the digital tool kit, including all of NFRA's June resources including links to refrigerated dairy messaging, sample social media posts, inforgraphics, artwork and logos, video and much more.

2016 JDM Tool Kit