What are the Retail Promotions?
For over 30 years, NFRA has been the proud sponsor of three annual retail promotions: March Frozen Food Month, June Dairy Month and June/July Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties. These promotions educate and drive consumers to the frozen and refrigerated aisles, ultimately increasing sales across all categories. The broad reach of these promotions was enhanced even more with NFRA's PR campaigns and initiativies, which support manufacturer and retailer promotional sales strategies and messaging platforms.

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How Do the Retail Promotions Benefit Me?
As a Retailer, partner with retail promotion sponsor brands to market their products and merchandise effectively in-store, driving traffic to the frozen and refrigerated aisles. Take advantage of resources NFRA provides to create a successful promotion; including in-store displays, advertising, marketing materials, etc. NFRA offers colorful point-of-sale materials for sale for all three retail promotions, including sign headers, door blades, shelf tags, static clings, balloons, garland and more!

As a Manufacturer sponsor of a retail promotion, benefits include getting your brand in front of consumers and encouraging them to buy your product. You can work with Retailers and NFRA's POS materials to help create in-store displays and merchandising featuring your brand.

Golden Penguin Awards
The prestigious Golden Penguin Awards are presented each year during the NFRA Convention at the Convention Awards Gala (this was formerly named the Grand Awards Reception & Banquet). These awards go to participants in any of three retail promotions, who  submit entries of their merchandising displays to NFRA following the promotion month. A panel of qualified marketing professionals from accredited colleges and universities look for outstanding work in the various winner categories, and choose winners based on prominent use of the retail promotion logos, simply-stated goals and objectives of the display, retail support throughout various facets of the store and directing consumers to NFRA's consumer website, and/or Easy Home Meals social media platforms.

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