The 2018 Summer Favorites Ice Cream & Novelties promotion is right around the corner! Check out promotion resources and how you get involved with enticing in-store displays and the coveted Golden Penguin Award competition!

The Win Ice Cream & Novelties for a Year Giveaway will pique consumer interest and increase traffic to the ice cream and novelties aisles. Consumers can enter now through August 3rd for a chance to win ice cream & novelties for a year!

NFRA also introduced a #SummerFavesContest Ice Cream Photo Contest, where consumers shared their ice cream concoction on Instagram and uploaded their recipe image for a chance to win free ice cream and novelties coupons!

The Summer Favorites Ice Cream tool kit helps ignite excitement and conversation around the July/August Ice Cream promotion! Utilize these promotion messaging key points, example social media posts, promotion artwork and view additional promotion details! 
Summer Favorites Toolkit Now Available!

Order your Ice Cream & Novelties POS materials to create an award-winning POS display! Colorful items will increase excitement in the aisles and encourage product sales. You'll find tissue garlands, static clings, door blades and more on our online POS catalog. Order yours today!

NFRA's Golden Penguin Awards isn't just a display contest, but offers multiple categories to recognize your entire marketing effort. A complete online entry form makes it easy to provide a brief summary of your program and upload all the promotion documents and photos supporting your efforts. This new system streamlined all entries, making it more efficient to submit entries and for the panel of judges to determine winners. 

View the 2018 Ice Cream Golden Penguin Award winners here!

New Categories Include:

  • In-Store Display - Creative and effective use of signage, visuals, props, etc., promoting Ice Cream & Novelties. Displays may use NFRA POS, but are not required to. Retailers/Wholesalers can name an assisting company or the sales agent/manufacturer may enter on their own.
  • In-Store Event - Events in support of Ice Cream & Novelties that may include demos, shopping sprees, celebrity appearances, remote radio/TV broadcasts, etc. Submission should include event photos and any advertising, signage or publicity around the event. 
  • Community Involvement - In-store or out-of-store event supporting a community/public service or charitable cause (food drive, fundraising, volunteer service, etc.). Submission should include photos and supporting media and clearly demonstrate a tie-in with Ice Cream & Novelties. 
  • Social Media Campaign - A sustained campaign promoting Ice Cream & Novelties utilizing at least two forms of social/digital marketing including: website, blog, emails, apps, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram or other social platforms. Submission should include examples of ads, screenshots or other visual or audio items.
  • Traditional Marketing - A sustained traditional marketing campaign promoting Ice Cream & Novelties utilizing at least two forms of traditional communication including radio, TV, newspaper inserts, print ads or in-store circulars. Submission should include examples of ads, circulars or other print, video or audio items.
  • Overall Marketing Campaign - A sustained marketing campaign promoting Ice Cream & Novelties utilizing at least four forms of advertising, digital communication, print communication or in-store execution. Submission should include examples of ads, display photos, screenshots or other visual or audio items.

    Subcategories include:
      - Retailer
       - Wholesaler
       - Manufacturer
       - Sales Agent
       - Local Association

  • Top Marketer Awards - A special group of awards recognizing the Best of the Best! The highest scoring entry in each of the Integrated Marketing Campaign sub-categories will be named the Top Marketer. This group of winners will be announced during the 2018 NFRA Convention in San Diego, California.

Who Can Enter
Retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, sales agents and local associations of any size (retail and military) can enter any category that is applicable to your business. Entries will be judged on their own merit taking into consideration organization size and/or program budget.

What Can Be Entered
Marketing campaigns and merchandising events held in direct support of Ice Cream & Novelties including up to 30 days before and after the June/July contest period.

Judging will be done by a panel of marketing professionals who will determine the category winners based on creativity, clarity and the effectiveness of each program/promotion entered. Entries will be judged on their own merit taking into consideration organization size and/or program budget. The Top Execution Awards will be determined by the highest scoring entry in each of the Integrated Marketing Campaign subcategories. 

Contact Julie Henderson at 717-657-8601 or for any questions regarding judging criteria or preparing your entry. 

The deadline for entry submission was August 12, 2018.

July 4:  Independence Day
July 7:  National Strawberry Sundae Day
July 13:  National French Fry Day
July 17:  National Peach Ice Cream Day
July 23:  National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 25:  National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
July 30:  National Cheesecake Day

Thank you to this year's participating brands.

Blue Bunny logo Blue Ribbon Classics Bomb Pop logo Chilly Cow
Fat Boy Graeter Kemps Frozen Yogurt 18 Kemps JoyFULL Scoops Frozen Yogurt
Lindy Mars IC Dove Mars IC M&M Mars IC Snickers
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