• Create in-aisle displays to feature the many frozen and refrigerated appetizers that can be presented elegantly for entertaining guests. Highlight the wide assortment of cheeses, showcasing a "cheese of the week" and what cracker, bread, fruit and/or wine pairing would go best with that selection.
  • Present and offer samplings of the many desserts in the cool aisles - share preparation and presentation ideas to simplify and at the same time enchance holiday secrets and ideas for entertaining.
  • Invite a local chef or food expert to appear in the cool aisles during December weekends to share holiday secrets and ideas for entertaining.
  • Remember to focus on your e-marketing and connecting with customers via email, e-newsletters, Facebook and more. Feature "Secret Weapon" messaging and holiday entertaining ideas as well as good wishes for the holidays and the New Year. The holidays are a great time to reinforce brand loyalty and thank customers for their year-round business and support.

December 8 is National Chocolate Brownie Day
On this special day, have fun and feature the ready-to-bake brownies in the refrigerated dairy aisles. Provide special pricing, host sampling and taste tests and even cross-merchandise with frozens by topping the baked brownies with ice cream!

December 21 is National Fried Shrimp Day
A great day to put the spotlight on the variety of shrimp selections in the frozen food aisle - offer special deals and feature recipes for sauces and dips to bring additional attention to the category.

  • National Egg Nog Month
  • National Fruit Cake Month

December 4:  National Cookie Day
December 8:  National Brownie Day
December 21:  Winter Begins
December 2-10:  Hanukkah
December 25:  Christmas
December 26:  National Candy Cane Day
December 31:  New Year's Eve

Thank you to this year's participating brands.

Bays English Muffins Braswell Family Farms Conagra Brands Delizza Patisserie
Frozen & Refrigerated Food Council of North Carolina Good Karma Foods InnovAsian Kraft Heinz Company
Lactalis American Group Land O Lakes Michael Angelo NestFresh Eggs
Philadelphia Warehousing and Cold Storage Rich Products Corp Sargento logo Unilever

Advertising TIP

Mobile advertising is a growing element in the overall marketing mix and is predicted to completely revolutionize the way businesses can connect with customers. Smart phones have become “hand-held” computers, and the many apps and services being offered and developed for shopping, search, business location, product information, and much more will affect all aspects of retail marketing and brand strategies in the years ahead.