• Feature waffles, pancakes, bagels, yogurts, fruits, juices, egg substitutes and cheeses to create the perfect "fuel for school" breakfasts.
  • Provide recipes that can make the family morning routine before school less hectic and healthier (yogurt, fruit and granola; bagel with peanut butter; waffles with fruit; etc.)
  • Offer taste tests and demos of the many convenient, tasty "ready to heat-and-eat" breakfast sandwiches.
  • Work with a local school and "host" a breakfast in their cafeteria featuring healthy frozen and refrigerated food selections - have the school nurse deliver a nutritious message highlighting the importance of eating breakfast before school. Provide specific product coupons for kids to take home to their families.
  • Consider a kid-friendly weekend "cooking class" event in the "cool" aisles where you can feature making smoothies (using yogurts, juices, and frozen fruits) - the perfect after-school snack.

August 25 is National Banana Split Day
On this special day, create an ice cream "event" in the frozen aisles, providing customers with ice cream samples and a chance to create a "mini" banana split of their liking in-store. Offer special deals on ice cream and all of the delicious toppings for this favorite treat.

August is National Sandwich Month
Select a weekend in August and showcase ready to heat and eat sandwich selections in the frozen food aisles. Host a "Grilled Cheese Party" in the refrigerated aisle, and demo the many variations of this all-American favorite using non-traditional cheeses and unique combinations.

  • National Sandwich Month
  • National Peach Month

August 2:  National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
August 6:  National Root Beer Float Day
August 8:  National Frozen Custard Day
August 10:  National S'mores Day
August 22:  National Peach Day
August 25:  National Banana Split Day
August 26:  National Cherry Popsicle Day

Thank you to this year's participating brands.

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InnovAsian Lactalis American Group Mrs. T NestFresh - The Country Hen
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Advertising TIP

Creating an in-store display that incorporates unique merchandising ideas is one of the best ways to grab consumer attention and increase product sales. An effective display can demonstrate cooking techniques and product performance, provide recipe suggestions and sampling, and utilize cross-merchandising. Video/DVD displays can work well in introducing a new product or showing meal solution ideas.