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Key Messaging Points about Refrigerated Food

  • Creative possibilities. The refrigerated dairy aisle offers consumers more than just the staples they count on every day. The aisle delivers everything from cheeses, yogurts, puddings, eggs and cookies – to breads, dips, juices, milk and milk alternatives.
  • Convenience. The refrigerated dairy aisle is the go-to-source for Americans’ diverse, foodie-and-family-friendly snack and “small meal” needs.
  • Nutritional value. Real ingredients. The aisle is healthy: Refrigerated foods use quality, real ingredients high in protein that are simple, fresh and close to the farm.
  • The aisle offers versatility. The creative possibilities are endless with new ways to use dairy products and the ability to use what you need and save the rest for later.
  • The aisle delivers innovation. The refrigerated aisle offers new products to meet consumer needs in perfect portions and flavors that capitalize on popular trends.
  • The aisle provides indulgence. The refrigerated aisle also provides easy-to-make and eat treats that offer the comfort of products consumers already love.

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